Around the South for Dec. 2: Race, VA & GA


Race: Deaths of whites outpace births. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, reported in the Washington Post, in one-third of the states, white people are dying at a faster rate than whites are being born. Four of the 17 states where this is occurring are in the South: AL, AR, FL & MS ……. Virginia: Alexandria ban on Confederate symbols stalls. Two months ago, the all-Democratic city council ofAlexandria voted to change the name of Jefferson Davis Highway and to move the statue of the South-facing Confederate soldier from its prominent location. State legislators representing the city have declined to introduce a bill authorizing the statue removal, because they said it would weaken their influence in the Republican legislature. The city council, however, hopes to have a new name for the Jeff Davis highway by the end of the year …… Georgia: Will Price change Medicare? When Donald Trump was campaigning for president, he vowed, “I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid,” but his choice to head the Health and Human Services Department, US Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), has supported a plan promoted by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) that would change Medicare into a “premium support” system, reports The Hill, which would significantly transform the popular program. Stay tuned! …….