Around the South for Dec. 28, 2016: GA, FL & SC


Georgia: Deal to propose new school funding formula. Acknowledging that it is difficult to teach children from poverty-stricken homes, Gov. Nathan Deal (R) is expected to propose a funding system that provides additional funds for school districts in high-poverty areas, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This will allow the schools to provide some of the amenities currently unavailable to students in poor neighborhoods ……. Florida: Two US Senators face challenges next year. US Sen. Bill Nelson (D), 76, is an affable moderate Democrat who manages to run better than the rest of his party, but he will need his “folksy demeanor” and more, writes Sunshine State News’ Kevin Derby, likely facing major GOP opposition in 2018. US Sen. Marco Rubio (R), with his presidential ambitions on hold, is expected to exert more influence in foreign policy, with his first test coming in the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee’s hearings on Rex Tillerson’s nomination to be Secretary of State ……. South Carolina: Trump victory impacts two lawmakers. Although Gov. Nikki Haley (R) was critical of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy last year, she is now preparing to be a major figure implementing the new president’s foreign policy, reports the Post and Courier. Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster (R), who endorsed Trump early on, will now assume the post he has long wanted, that of the governor of the Palmetto State …….