Around the South for Jan. 12: NC, FL & AL


North Carolina: Supremes halt redistricting. The US Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked a lower court ruling requiring state legislative redistricting by March 15, with special elections to follow in the fall. The court will decide whether to hear the GOP lawmakers’ appeal later. If it does, the order halting the redistricting will stay in place until that case is decided ……. Florida: Rubio grills Tillerson at hearing. Any hopes that President-elect Trump may have that Marco Rubio would support the nomination of former ExxonMobil CEO for secretary of state were severely tested at yesterday’s confirmation hearing. Rubio recited a litany of charges against Vladimir Putin role in the attack on Aleppo and asked Tillerson whether he would classify the Russian leader as a war criminal. When Tillerson demurred, Rubio continue to hammer him on the issue, according to Yahoo News ……. Alabama: Sessions will abide by high court decisions. Despite his past political positions, US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) testified that if he becomes US attorney general he will obey Supreme Court rulings on abortion and same-sex marriage …….