Around the South for Jan. 23: KY, LA & GA



Kentucky:  Paul has replacement for Obamacare. “I’ve put together a bill, a replacement bill, that we can vote on the same day” as Obamacare is repealed, US Sen. Rand Paul (R), a physician, said, reported WKYT. He added, “I’d like that small mom and pop business join together with hundreds of thousands … to get the leverage to lower prices but also to get insurance that can’t be cancelled.” …… Louisiana: Cassidy proposing state choice on Obamacare. US Sen. Bill Cassidy (R), also an MD, plans to introduce a healthcare bill that would allow states the option of keeping the parts of Obamacare they like or to repeal it completely, reports Becker’s Hospital Review. “You can go to the reddest state and say we have the option to root and branch it, and you can go to the bluest state and say we have the option to keep what we like,” Cassidy told Bloomberg News ……. Georgia: Sonny Perdue a plus in rural counties. FormerGeorgia Governor Sonny Perdue (R) “is somewhat a hero to Bible Belt farmers,” says Modern Farmer. Perdue, 70, grew up in an area “dominated by cotton fields, pecan orchards, chicken farms, and row crops,” and has a doctorate in veterinary medicine. He once called for a day of prayer to bring rain during a drought (it took a while, but eventually it rained). Perdue campaigned for Trump, who carried some 90% of rural counties across the country …….