Around the South for Jan. 25: AR, FL & LA


Arkansas: Hutchinson opposes border tax. In an interview with CNBC last week, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) expressed his concern about imposing taxes on imports, as suggested by President Donald Trump. “I understand the need to rebuild manufacturing in the United States, to have a tougher trade policy, but … Arkansas [is] dependent upon the global market marketplace. We don’t want to diminish that.” ……. Florida: Lawmakers may strengthen “stand your ground.” Under bills that have been introduced in both chambers of the Florida legislature, in cases where the defendant uses the “stand your ground” defense, the burden of proof would shift to the prosecutor to prove that the defendant is not entitled to the defense, reports Sunshine State News. The Senate Judiciary Committee has already approved the measure. The next legislative session begins in March ……. Louisiana: Edwards raising funds for 2019. In 2016, his first year in office, Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) began fundraising for his reelection campaign in 2019. Edwards raised some $3 million in his first year, reports The Advocate, anticipating that he will have well-funded Republican opposition. His predecessor, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) raised $3.4 million in his first year …….