Around the South for Jan. 27: TX, MS & NC


Texas: Trump’s wall has friends and foes. Gov. Greg Abbot (R), US Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and most of the state’s Republican US House members are expressing support for President Trump’s plan to build a wall, although the state’s Democratic House members are mostly critical. Also in Trump’s corner, US Border Patrol union leader Stuart Harris, who told the El Paso Times, “There is a feeling of excitement among Border Patrol agents that finally they will be allowed to do their jobs,” noting agents’ support for the wall, for an end to sanctuary cities and for hiring more border patrol agents ……. Mississippi: Wicker would end sanctuary cities. US Sen. Roger Wicker (R) made clear his past and present support for ending “sanctuary cities” which do not cooperate with the federal immigration laws. In an op-ed in the Daily Journal, Wicker noted that he is cosponsor of four bills that would end such jurisdictions. He also noted, “During the past two Congresses, I backed legislation to withhold federal funding from “sanctuary cities.” ……. North Carolina: Legislature considering larger class sizes. After educators told lawmakers that the mandate enacted last year to reduce some class sizes would force them to lay-off arts and physical education teachers, the legislature began to reconsider and is expected to consider bills that would cap class sizes at a higher level …….