Around the South for Feb. 16: AL, SC & FL


Alabama: Bentley faces new impeachment threat. Two Republican state Reps. plan to introduce an impeachment resolution into the House of Representatives, bypassing the inactive impeachment committee, reports “Public trust toward all of us is at an all-time low,” said state Rep. Corey Harbison (R); “We have to get some answers.” And state Rep. Randall Shedd (R) said, “I just don’t believe the state can stand another two years of this.” ……. South Carolina: Scott skeptical about border tax prospects. USSen. Tim Scott (R), a member of the Senate Finance Committee, has cast doubt on the prospects of passage of a 20% tax on imports, reports The Hill. It’s “going to be very difficult to get it through the Senate … [T]hose who bear the burden the most are the consumers in the country.” Scott is from Charleston, one of the nation’s busiest ports ……. Florida: Scott launches statewide tour. Billing his trip as the “Fighting for Florida’s Jobs” tour,” Gov. Rick Scott (R) stopped in the districts of four state Reps., GOPers all, who voted to abolish two of his  favorite agencies, “Enterprise Florida” and “Visit Florida”, reported Sunshine State News. At each stop, the governor folks how the local legislator voted; for example, in Tamps, Scott said, “I am shocked, right here locally [state Rep.] Shawn Harrison” voted to kill the agencies …….