Around the South for Mar. 1: TN, KY & FL


Tennessee: Response to bomb threats. Discussing the multiplying number of called-in threats to Jewish schools and community centers, the Tennessee Journal said, “We have noticed over the years a shift in how news media handle such threats. In the 1970s and’80s, in Nashville anyway, most news outlets had a policy of not reporting bomb threats if no bomb was found. The reasoning was that reporting would encourage more such hoaxes – the same line of thought still followed by television sports programs that refuse to show people who run onto a field and interrupt a game.” Something to think about ……. Kentucky: Paul attacks McCain over Trump/Russia ties. US Sen. Rand Paul (R) took US Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to task for saying that the Trump Administration was “in disarray” following the resignation of national security advisor John Flynn. McCain made the remarks at the Munich Security Conference, prompting Paul to say McCain shouldn’t criticize the US government while he was abroad. Paul added that he was opposed to “the hysteria [for] a special prosecutor” if “all we’re hearing is gossip in the media” and no proof that any law has been broken, reported Newsmax ……. Florida: Rutherford to focus on terrorism. Freshman US Rep. John Rutherford (R) has been named to the Task Force on Denying Terrorists Entry into theUnited States. The appointment was made by US Rep. Michael McCaul (R-(TX), who chairs the House Committee on Homeland Security, reports Sunshine State News. “As a former sheriff,” Rutherford said, “the safety of our nation is my highest priority.” …….