Around the South for Mar. 6: SC, NC/SC & FL

South Carolina: Graham holds his own at town hall. Saturday US Sen. Lindsey Graham (R), facing a crowd of some 1,000 mostly anti-Trump folks at Clemson, managed to keep his cool, answer even hostile questions appropriately and win, if not friends, some grudging respect. Reports the Post & Courier, “Attendees said they thought Graham handled the town hall well, for the most part.” ……. North Carolina/South Carolina: Two GOPers vote “present” on tax return measure. US Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Mark Sanford (R-SC) were the only two Republicans not to vote with their party on a motion favoring President Trump’s making his tax returns public. Both voted present, while the vote went 229 to 185 in favor of the pro-Trump position. Jones has long been a maverick; Sanford has also shown an independent streak from time to time ……. Florida: Most oppose guns on campus. A poll taken by the University of North Florida found that 62% of Sunshine State voters oppose a bill in the legislature that would allow concealed weapons on college campuses, while 34% favored it. “If the legislature is paying attention to public opinion, this signals that [the campus carry bill] might not make it to the governor’s desk for the second time in two years,” said Dr. Michael Binder, the poll’s director, as reported in Sunshine State News …….