Around the South for Apr. 3: VA, NC & FL


Virginia: Judge rules against gerrymander suit. A Circuit Court judge in Richmond has ruled against a lawsuit claiming 11 state legislative districts were drawn to disenfranchise black voters and to help Republicans. The ruling will probably be appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court, reports the Washington Post ……. North Carolina: McCrory says gay group lost. The compromise that repealed the Tar Heel State’s law requiring people to use the public bathroom listed on their birth certificate left in tact the part of the law that forbids local governments from passing gay rights protections. “The good news is this: The HRC (Human Rights Campaign) lost the battle,” said former Gov. Pat McCrory (R), reports the Charlotte Observer …….Florida: Levine on Hillary’s emails. Among the thousand plus pages of State Department records released to comply with a lawsuit were emails between the Clinton Foundation and Huma Abedin, a top Clinton aide, dissing Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, a candidate for governor of Florida, who apparently pestered Clinton for help with a matter, reports Sunshine State News. “He’s being bugging us, too,” Abedin wrote; “We have done so much to try and help him!” …….