Around the South for Apr. 12: AL, FL & KY


Alabama: Bentley denied retirement perks. Under the plea deal that accompanied his resignation on April 10, former Gov. Robert Bentley (R) will not get a pension or a security detail and he’s barred from running for public office again. Bentley pled guilty to two misdemeanors and was sentenced to a suspended sentence of 30 days in jail plus a year of probation and community service, reports ……. Florida: Scott’s approval passes Nelson’s. According to the Morning Consult polls, which surveyed 8,800 Floridians from January through March, Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) approval rating was 57% while US Sen. Bill Nelson’s (D) was 53%. Moreover, 21% didn’t know who Nelson is, to 7% who didn’t know of Scott. However, Nelson’s disapproval rating was 26% to 36% for Scott, reports Sunshine State News ……. Kentucky: Paul stands apart on Syrian strike. US Sen. Rand Paul (R) is a leading voice of the opposition to President Trump’s order to bomb a Syrian air base. Paul said it was both ill-advised and illegal, reported the Washington Times, and said Congress should get involved. But when asked what it would take to involve Congress, Rand replied, “Different colleagues.” …….