Around the South for May 8: TN, TX & VA


Tennessee: House compromises on budget. After initially loading up the state budget with millions of dollars worth of amendments, the House on Friday got rid of those amendments. Then, after adding one amendment that moved $55 million from the state department of transportation to the highway departments in the 95 counties, the House passed the budget by 83-2, reports the Tennessee Journal ……. Texas: Abbott endorses anti-sanctuary bill. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) will sign legislation that imposes fines and even jail time to local officials who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officers. The new law will also allow local law enforcement to inquire about immigration status when they detain someone for any reason ……. Virginia: GOP launches voter registration drive. A memorandum circulated by the Virginia Republican Party contends that the state will move “toward being viewed as Maryland or New Jersey, as a solid Democratic state” unless the party takes major action. The main one, reports the Washington Post, is to register “thousands of voters” in the rural parts of the state …….