Around the South for May 12: OK, VA & LA

Oklahoma: Lankford pushes cyber security. At a Senate hearing on cyber threats, including hacking and cyber espionage, US Sen. James Lankford (R), a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, noted, “We are exceptionally vulnerable in our system. I do agree that one of the prime things we have to move to is actual deterrence,” reported The Hill ……. Virginia: McAuliffe bows out of congressional race. Virginia First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe (D), who had been contacting members of Congress and other Democratic leaders over the past few weeks about possibly challenging 10th District US Rep. Barbara Comstock (R), told the Washington Post this week that she has decided not to run. “I’ve decided that I can have more impact in the role that I have now and not wanting to give that up, having to separate myself from that earlier than I’d like.” There are three other Democrats already running for the seat ……. Louisiana: New Orleans takes down Davis statue. A statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis was taken down this week. The dismantling took place at 3am, under police protection. The workmen wore masks that covered their faces …….