Around the South for May 16: KY, NC & AL


Kentucky: Paul opposes Session order. US Sen. Rand Paul (R), a small-l libertarian, issued a statement last week critical of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ instruction to district attorneys to “charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense,” including drug-related cases. Paul said that the administration “should treat our nation’s drug epidemic as a health crisis and less as a ‘lock’em up and throw away the key’ problem.” ……. North Carolina: Supremes uphold ruling against voter ID law. The US Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that voided the Tar Heel State’s law requiring a picture ID for voting. Chief Justice Roberts, however, issued a statement that the high court’s decision was not on the merits of the North Carolina law, but on confusion over who was bringing the suit, begun under Republican Gov. Pat McCrory but opposed by his successor, Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper ……. Alabama: Brooks running for Senator. US Rep. Mo Brooks (R) announced his candidacy for the US Senate seat currently held by US Sen. Luther Strange (R), who was appointed by former Gov. Robert Bentley (R). Brooks said he was running because “America’s status as the greatest nation in world history is at risk.” Brooks is the fifth Republican to enter the race …….