Around the South for May 26: MS, TN & VA


Mississippi: Wicker wants bigger Navy. “It is clear that our current fleet of 275 ships is insufficient to address the security challenges we face today,” US Sen. Roger Wicker (R), said in opening a hearing on the US Navy fleet. “We want to help and we want to lead in this regard,” continued Wicker, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee’s sea power subcommittee. Some estimate that the goal of 355 ships, supported by Navy officials and industry executives, could be reached by the 2040s, but the top Navy official, Adm. John Richardson, wants to reach that goal by the 2020s, reports The Hill ……. Tennessee: Roe opposes campus restrictions on free speech. “As a Vietnam-era veteran, I saw first hand how colleges and universities served as hotbeds for free speech and debate,” US Rep. Phil Roe (R) wrote in an op/ed in The Hill. “Recently, however, free speech has come under attack at the very same institutions,” he continued, citing the shouting down of speakers, withdrawal of invitations to speakers and “so-called free speech zones … to keep students from expressing their thoughts outside of restricted areas.” Roe, who is a member of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, has introduced a resolution designed to protect the First Amendment on college campuses ……. Virginia: More women running for legislature. In this year’s elections for 100 seats in the House of Delegates, 61 women are running, about 30% of the field of candidates, thought to be a record, reports the Washington Post. Fifty of the women are Democrats, 11 are Republicans …….