Around the South for May 31: AL, TX & NC


Alabama: Ivey defends monuments bill. In an interview with, Gov. Kay Ivey (R) defended her decision to sign a bill that prohibits local governments from removing statues or renaming schools. “The legislature passed the bill. As for as I know, that’s the will of the people … I think it’s the right thing to do.” ……. Texas: Violent threats at State House. On the last day of the Texas legislative session, hundreds of demonstrators in the House galleries opposed to the state’s actions against illegal immigrants chanted slogans and drowned out the lawmakers below. As state troopers were clearing the galleries, two lawmakers got in a scuffle, with each – one R and one D – later contending the other had threatened to shoot him ……. North Carolina: Another Voter ID law in the works. After previous laws requiring a photo ID to vote were struck down in court, rumors are circulating, says the Washington Post, that the Republican majority is planning yet another voter ID law that, they contend, will pass judicial muster. Details are still obscure, but House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate leader Phil Berger issued a statement saying that lawmakers “will continue fighting to protect the integrity of our elections by implementing the commonsense requirement to show a photo ID when we vote.” …….