Around the South for Jun. 6: NC, VA & FL


North Carolina: Conway praises Trump rallies. Addressing the Tar Heel Republican state convention last Saturday, presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway said the campaign’s strategy was to hold rallies featuring Donald Trump and Mike Pence, noting the campaign coordinated scheduling where and when rallies were to be held, reported the News & Observer. She criticized Hillary Clinton’s reliance on TV ads. “It’s expensive, it’s repetitive, and it’s just not the way people consume their information,” she said ……. Virginia: Northam’s Trump diagnosis. Gubernatorial hopeful Ralph Northam (D) has won plaudits (D) and raised eyebrows with his frequent reference to President Trump as a “narcissistic maniac.” Northam says, in TV ads and interviews, that as a doctor, “I’m listening carefully to Donald Trump, and I think he’s a narcissistic maniac,” reports the Washington Post, the kind of diagnosis-at-a-distance that is controversial within the medical profession ……. Florida: DCCC targets Mast. After declining to name freshman US Rep. Brian Mast (R) as one of their major targets, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has now launched a major digital ad buy in Florida’s 18th District (Southeast Florida). “When he had the chance to tell the truth about his campaign’s use of stolen information from Russian hackers, Congressman Mast and his campaign lied,” contends the ad …….