Around the South for Jun. 13: TX, AL & NC


Texas: Cornyn defended Trump in Comey hearing. US Sen. John Cornyn (R), the second-ranking Republican in the Senate, threw a series of hard-ball questions at fired FBI director James Comey last week. Cornyn got Comey to testify, “I would expect any FBI agent who has information about a crime being committed to report it.” Comey thus backed up President Trump’s contention that he was not under investigation for Russia-gate or anything else. This, along with other admissions elicited by Cornyn, built “a legal bulwark around Trump,” contended the Houston Chronicle ……. Alabama: Sessions will survive Trump’s anger. Senators who are close to former Senator – now Attorney General – Jeff Sessions are predicting he will not be pushed out of his current job. “I really believe their [Trump & Sessions] relationship is good …” said US Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), one of Sessions closest friends in the Senate, reports The Hill. On the likelihood of Sessions stepping down, Inhofe said, “I would be disappointed, but I’d be more surprised. It’s just not going to happen.” ……. North Carolina: Legislature counters Cooper on redistricting. The US Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling declaring 28 North Carolina state legislative districts were illegally gerrymandered, but vacated the order that new districts should be redrawn and elections held this year. In response, Gov. Roy Cooper (D) called for a special legislative session to redraw the districts and set special elections in 2017. The legislature (R), however, turned Cooper down, with both legislative chambers voting against a special session …….