Around the South for Jun. 19: FL, DC & SC


Florida: Rubio shines with Trump Cuba policy. US Sen. Marco Rubio (R) joined President Trump in Miami for the announcement of Trump’s revision of President Obama’s trade agreement with the Castro regime. In introducing the President, Rubio said “The cooperation, the hard work, the commitment that this White House and that President Trump has shown to this cause, I believe, has no precedent.” Trump called Rubio “a friend of mine” – and referencing their 2016 presidential campaigns – “one tough competitor,” reported the Washington Post ……. District of Columbia: Post praises Trump! While calling Trump’s Cuban policy change just a “tweak,” the virulently anti-Trump Washington Post agreed with Trump that Cuba’s government had not granted its people more freedom since the Obama agreement was reached. “Indeed,” editorialized the Post, “arrests, beatings and jailings for political reasons have all increased – both in Cubaand Venezuela, where Mr. Castro’s military and intelligence officials serve more and more as vital supports to an increasingly violent regime.” Praise to the Post! ……. South Carolina: Sanford hits Trump. After the shootings at the Little League field in Alexandria, Virginia, US Rep. Mark Sanford (R) said, “I would argue that the president has unleashed [demons], partially, again not in anyway totally, but [that are] partially to blame” for the virulent hostility accompanying the nation’s political divide. Sanford added, on ABC’s “Morning Joe,” “The fact that you have the top guy saying, ‘I wish I can hit [him] in the face, if not why don’t you and I’ll pay your legal fees.’ That bizarre.” …….