Around the South for May 26: FL, MS & VA


Florida: Morning Joe cites Democrats’ flaw. Former US Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Pensacola), now an MSNBC host, in a Washington Post op/ed last week attributed Jon Ossoff’s recent loss in Georgia to the national Democratic Party’s continued drift to the left, a trend that has cost the party some 1,000 state legislative seats, plus governorships and both houses of Congress, since Obama’s 2008 victory. He noted this is happening not just in Red States, but in Blue States like Connecticut, where the GOP is in spittin’ distance of winning majorities in both legislative chambers ……. Mississippi: Court rules against gay groups. A federal three-judge panel has ruled that a Mississippi statute allowing businesses to refuse services for same-sex weddings is constitutional, overruling a federal judge’s earlier decision that the statute is unconstitutional. The ruling will be appealed ……. Virginia: Richmondwon’t remove its Confederate monuments, but … Levar Stoney, the African American mayor of the former capital of the Confederacy, has announced that instead of removing the statues of Confederate heroes from the city’s famous Monument Avenue, he has appointed a commission to correct what he termed “Equal parts myth and deception… the alternative facts of their time” that the monuments represent. The commission is expected to recommend ‘corrective’ signage and/or additional statues, reports the Washington Post. Orlando,FL, recently adopted a similar policy. A trend?