Around the South for Jul. 13: OK, FL & SC


Oklahoma: Democrats win special elections. Democratic candidates won special elections Tuesday in two legislative districts previously held by Republicans. In House District 75, Karen Gaddis (D) defeated Tressa Nunley (R) 52% to 48%. And In Senate District 44, Michael Brooks (D) defeated Joe Griffin (R) by 55% to 45%. According to The McCarville Report, in the House district, the GOP incumbent resigned following disclosure of a sexual harassment issue, and in Senate District 44, the previous incumbent (R) resigned due to an arrested for involvement with an underage male prostitute. Let’s hear it for family values! ……. Florida: GOP has bad 2nd Quarter. The Republican Party of Florida raised only $338,000 in the 2nd Quarter, compared with $2.1 million in the 1st Quarter, reports Sunshine State News, its worst 2nd quarter since 1996. Meanwhile, Florida Democrats raised $1.67 million during the 2nd Quarter …….South Carolina: Long may it wave? Partisans of the Confederate battle flag gathered some 100 strong on the State House grounds waving dozens of Confederate flags. The demonstration was organized by the South Carolina Secessionist Party. Meanwhile, in neighboring North Carolina, the Sons of Confederate Veterans and another group have erected an 85-foot flag pole, with a 20-by-30-foot Confederate flag on top. “They take down our monuments; we try to put up 100 flags,” said SCV member Robert Smith, reports the Hickory Record …….