Georgia launches ‘Defense Exchange’

Georgia launches ‘Defense Exchange’

By Cindy Morley –

Georgia businesses will now have the tools they need to be more competitive in acquiring contracts through the Department of Defense, according to Gov. Nathan Deal.

Monday, Gov. Deal announced the launch of the Georgia Defense Exchange (GDX) — which he refers to an “innovative interactive business development platform.”

According to information from the Governor’s office, GDX offers a one-stop data research and collaboration platform which was designed to support and engage Georgia businesses across a wide variety of industry sectors with its rich data visualizations, interactive dashboards, real-time DOD data and business-to-business communication tools.

“From the Bell Bomber Plant during WWII to the NSA and U.S. Army Cyber Command in Augusta today, Georgia enterprises enjoy a storied history of fulfilling contracts for national defense,” said Deal. “Last year alone, defense contracts executed in Georgia were valued at $6.4 billion. These contracts provide significant opportunities for Georgia businesses and drive new development in local communities across the state.”

According to Deal, the GDX platform will help ensure that the long-standing tradition of Georgia companies contracting with DOD continues across the state. Lockheed Martin, Meggitt, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman account for some of the largest defense contracts in Georgia. Additionally, more than $3 billion of Georgia’s defense contracts are related to services for facility maintenance, science and engineering, equipment and construction.

GDX is a product of the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s GUARD Initiative, partially funded through a grant from the DOD Office of Economic Adjustment and supported by the Center of Innovation for Aerospace and the Workforce Division. GDX will open new opportunities for both traditionally defense-related businesses and service-oriented companies with no experience in defense contracting, Deal’s office said.

“We pride ourselves on maintaining the best business environment in the nation, and providing top-notch resources for our citizens,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) Commissioner Pat Wilson. “GDX levels the playing field, giving small businesses in Georgia the chance to know about and respond to the many defense contracting opportunities that are available. I am confident that all Georgia companies will benefit tremendously from GDX, and that our state will increase its competitive advantage in this sector.”

The GUARD Initiative focuses on Georgia’s defense industry and helps stakeholders understand defense industry trends and diversify their customer base.