Around the South for Aug. 16: MS, SC & NC


Mississippi: US Sen. Roger Wicker (R) called for removing the Confederate flag from the state flag. Noting that the white supremacists in Charlottesville used an altered version of the state’s flag, Wicker told the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership, “I hate to use a tragedy like this, a criminal act of murder, to advance policy… It would be more unifying if we put this Mississippi flag in a museum and replaced it with something that was more unifying,” reported the Clarion-Ledger ……. South Carolina: Graham urged Trump “to be clear” about racism. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) told Fox News Sunday that white supremacists “seem to believe they have a friend in Donald Trump in the White House … I would urge the president to dissuade these groups that he’s their friend,” Mr. Graham said. “I think the president can be very clear when he wants to be, and he needs to be clear here,” reported the Washington Times. Since Graham’s statement, President Trump has said, in part, that “Racism is evil.” ……. North Carolina: Cooper cans lottery commissioner. Gov. Roy Cooper (D) removed Kim Griffin Jr. from the state lottery commission, charging that Griffin had made “sexually harassing” and “racially insensitive” comments to commission employees, reported the News-Observer. In response, Griffin said, “It’s purely political. There’s a pattern there to get rid of Republicans. … They trumped up some comments to get rid of me.” …….