Around the South for Aug. 25: NC, MS & SC


North Carolina: Trump called Tillis on special counsel bill. President Donald Trump called US Sen. Thom Tillis (R) to express his displeasure with Tillis’s legislation that would protect special counsels, including Robert Mueller, who is investigating Trump’s relationship with Russia, reported Politico. Tillis co-sponsored the measure with Democratic US Sen. Chris Coons (DE) ……. Mississippi: McDaniel hits Wicker on flag. In response to US Sen. Roger Wicker’s (R) comments last week that the Mississippi flag, which contains the Confederate battle flag, should be replaced “with something that was more unifying,” state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R), Wicker’s likely foe next year, said that Wicker “is using the tragedy in Charlottesville to AGAIN stand with liberals and call for the removal of our state flag.” Clarion-Ledger columnist Charlie Mitchell contended that McDaniel exaggerated Wicker’s stand, falsely accusing him of “toting water for the banshees of the left.” ……. South Carolina: Scott urges Trump to say something unifying. US Sen. Tim Scott (R), one of a handful of African-American Republicans in Congress, said this week that he wants to watch President Donald Trump to see how he handles race going forward. Scott had criticized Trump’s response to Charlottesville, saying it “complicates this administration’s moral authority.” Scott said he wants to hear the President address race by saying “something that brings the country together, something that’s unifying.” …….