Around the South for Aug. 30: FL, TX & SC


Florida: Nelson, Scott close; Confederate monuments OK. In a poll of registered voters by Florida Atlantic University on a likely Senate battle in 2018, US Sen. Bill Nelson (D) led with 42% while Gov. Rick Scott (R), his likely challenger, had 40%. Nelson did well with older voters, Scott with younger. On another issue, 49% said Confederate monuments should remain in public places, while 30% said they should be removed ……. Texas: Cruz a bit bullish on Repeal and Replace. In an interview last week with Newsmax TV, US Sen. Ted Cruz (R) said that people are “frustrated out of their minds and understandably so. We have for seven years promised the American people, if you elect Republicans, we will repeal the disaster that is Obamacare. I think failure is not an option.” He added that Congress is “closer” than people think, reported Daily Bellwether ……. South Carolina: McMaster wants 401 (k) s. Gov. Henry McMaster (R) wants to substitute a 401 (k) style retirement system for the current pension system for new state employees. The state’s retirement options are available to employees of cities, counties and schools, in addition to state employees. The proposal, if adopted, would not affect current retirees receiving state pensions …….