Around the South for Sep. 6: FL, TN & US


Florida: Only one lawmaker backs Trump on DACA. State House Speaker Richard Corcoran (R) was the only one of 11 Florida politicos, quoted by Sunshine State News, to initially back President Trump’s decision to abolish Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Three other top Republicans (Gov. Scott, Sen. Rubio & AgCmr Putnam) waffled, essentially saying Obama was wrong on DACA, but Congress should act to allow DREAMers.  Two Republicans (US Rep. Ros-Lehtinen & state Sen. Latvala) opposed Trump’s DACA decision. All five Democrats opposed the decision (US Sen. Nelson, US Reps Crist, Deutsch & Wasserman Schultz, & ex-US Rep. Graham) ……. Tennessee: Corker backs tax reform. After traveling more than 1,975 miles across the Volunteer State during the break, US Sen. Bob Corker (R), in an op/ed in The Tennessean, said that what he heard was that people “want your elected leaders – across the board – to do better.” To that end, Corker says he is “committed to tax reform. And it is our responsibility on behalf of the American people to get it done.” ……. US House: More retirements likely. Writing in Roll Call, Nathan Gonzales notes that since 1976, 22 House members on average have retired from Congress without seeking another office. So far, only five in this category are stepping down: Republicans Duncan (TN), Johnson (TX), Ros-Lehtinen (FL), & Jenkins (KS); only one Democrat is retiring: Tsongas (MA). Stay tuned! …….