Will Ga. Lobbyists, Others Reveal Sexual Harassment?

Will Ga. Lobbyists, Others Reveal Sexual Harassment?

2017 has been a year when sexual harassment accusations and admissions have rocked all levels of government, the media, entertainment and business. Will high-profile Georgians also be targeted?

We are informed by several female lobbyists that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has contacted them as well as an untold number of other lobbyists as well as other people working around the Capitol, to determine whether, or to what degree, the sexual harassment problem exists in the Legislature and state government.

An email from the AJC to one lobbyist reads:

“We know this is a difficult subject to talk about and many individuals who have faced or witnessed harassment may be reluctant to speak up for fear that their livelihoods and reputations will be hurt. But problems that remain hidden cannot be solved. We encourage anyone with knowledge of sexual harassment or misconduct to contact us. Janel Davis is the lead reporter on the investigation and she can be reached at jhdavis@ajc.com , or 301-204-0837.”

The email also claims that all tips will be kept confidential and will be used only as a starting point for additional