Around the South for Jan. 24: TX, FL & VA


Texas: Ratcliffe hints at FBI secret society. US Rep. John Ratcliffe (R) tweeted Monday that among the thousands of texts between two FBI agents he and US Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reviewed, those “between [Peter] Strzok and [Lisa] Page referenced a ‘secret society’” within the bureau. Ratcliffe also tweeted that the texts “revealed manifest bias among the officials” against President Trump ……. Florida: Felon voting rights to be on ballot. Some 1.5 million registered felons in the SunshineState will be allowed to vote if Amendment 4 on the ballot passes this year. Proponents collected some 800,000 signatures, more than the 766,000 needed, reports Sunshine State News. The proposal would not allow those convicted of murder or sex crimes to vote ……. Virginia:Fairfax protests quietly. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D), an African American, left his podium in the state Senate on Monday to absent himself from a tribute to Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson, aVirginia native …….