Around the South for Jan. 31: FL, AR & VA


Florida: Move the state’s Capital? State Rep. Bill Hager (R) has introduced a bill that would begin the process of moving the state Capital from Tallahassee to a location closer to the center of the state. “The state and its population has (sic) changed dramatically. That is why it is time to move the Capital,” Hager wrote in Sunshine State News …….Arkansas: Cotton vs. Schumer. In response to a Politico article reporting that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) said he wouldn’t negotiate an immigration deal if US Sen. Tom Cotton (R) were involved, Cotton has emailed an apparent fundraising message declaring, “Democrats are afraid of me, because they know I’m too tough for them to fight. The truth is Sen. Schumer wants to give the American people a bad deal, and he knows I would get a good deal.” ……. Virginia: Delegate delivers State of Union response. When House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, president of her freshman class in the House of Delegates, and asked her to deliver the Spanish language response to President Trump’s State of the Union message, she answered, “Oh, my God! Hell, yes!” reported the Washington Post. Guzman is one of eleven freshman Democrats elected last year to Virginia’s lower chamber …….