Around the South for Feb. 2: DC, SC & VA


Washington: RNC out-raises DNC. The Republican National Committee announced this week that it raised a record amount of money for a non-election year in 2017. The $132 million that the GOP brought in was double the $65.9 million that the DNC raised. In December, the RNC brought in $11.1 million, the DNC about $4 million ……. South Carolina: Clyburn, CBC protest at SOTU. US Rep. James Clyburn (D) and a number of members of the Congressional Black Caucus wore kente cloth, a textile that originated in Ghana and often represents Africa, to the State of the Union. Clyburn said the message was “solidarity with Haiti, El Salvador and those countries on the continent of Africa that were referred to by our president in very derogatory terms,” reported The Hill ……. Virginia: Perriello forms PAC. New Virginia Way is the name of the political action committee just formed by former US Rep. Tom Perriello (D). Perriello, who ran for governor unsuccessfully last year as a liberal Democrat, will raise money to help reelect the progressive Democrats elected to the House of Delegates last year. “Some people mistakenly think of 2017 as a wave election instead of a turning of the tide,” Perriello told the Washington Post, “and I think these are deeper trends and not just a one-time wave.” …….