Money messages in Southern US House races

Money messages in Southern US House races

By Hastings Wyman

In today’s volatile political environment, the amount of money that candidates for Congress have raised and have on hand is a major indicator of what could happen in November.

In ten of Dixie’s districts, Democratic challengers already have war chests that suggest there will be competitive races in once safe Republican districts. In Virginia, three Republican US Representatives are facing well-funded Democratic challengers. US Rep. Tom Garrett (R) had $108,000 on hand in the latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports; four of his Democratic foes have more on hand than Garrett, and the total cash on hand for these four is $1,105,000.

In Virginia’s 7th District, US Rep. David Brat (R) has $470,000 on hand; his two major foes combined have $704,000. And US Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) in Virginia’s 10th District has an impressive $1,195,000 on hand, but her eight Democratic opponents have a total of $2,937,000.

Of course, much of this Democratic cash will be spent in contested primaries, but the large amounts of Democratic money in these districts is a sign that Ralph Northam’s (D) impressive victory in last year’s gubernatorial election could be replicated in several in several of the state’s congressional districts.

Other Republican incumbents facing Democrats with large bank accounts include Florida’s Daniel Webster (R), with a mere $53,000 on hand to former US Rep. Alan Grayson’s $556,000. In Georgia, US Reps. Rob Woodall (R) and Barry Loudermilk (R) will also face well-funded Democratic challenges.

There is one Democrat facing substantial GOP money, and that’s former Democratic National chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She has $390,000 on hand; Joe Kaufman (R), one of her foes, has $389,000, and another Carlos Reyes, has $58,000. Her district is heavily Democratic, but she will probably have to work a little harder given the amount of cash her challengers are raising.

North Carolina’s Republican members of Congress are facing very large Democratic war chests, many exceeding the incumbents’ cash on hand. And Oklahoma has a large number of contested Republican primaries.

This report covers 27 congressional districts in the South; all incumbents are marked with an asterisk.

Next week, SPR will look at another 27 districts, all in Texas, where the money indicates competitive races. The Lone Star State has primaries on March 6.

In some districts where competitive races are likely to develop, candidates have not yet filed with the FEC. Moreover, it’s early and candidates in both parties have a lot of time to raise more money. Finally, the candidate with the most money does not always win. National trends, hot-button issues and how voters perceive a candidate all play important roles. Stay tuned.

District/candidates Cash on hand

AL 2: Martha Roby/R* $569,000

Barry Moore/R 25,000

Tabitha Isner/D 61,000

AR 2: French Hill/R* $1,300,000

Paul Spencer/D 128,000

FL 6/OPEN: John Ward/R $644,000

Nancy Soderberg/D 376,000

FL 7: Stephanie Murphy/D* 973,000

Scott Sturgill/R 266,000

Mike Miller/R 185,000

FL 11: Daniel Webster/R* $53,000

Alan Grayson/D 556,000

FL 16: Vern Buchanan/R* $2,201,000

David Shapiro/D 192,000

FL 18: Brian Mast/R* $1,039,000

Lauren Baer/D 415,000

Pam Keith/D 56,000

FL 23: D. Wasserman Schultz/D* $390,000

Joe Kaufman/R 389,000

Carlos Reyes/R 58,000

FL 26: Carlos Curbelo/R* $1,695,000

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell/D 317,000


David Richardson/D $858,000

Matthew Haggman/D 750,000

Mary Barzee Flores/D 339,000

Jose Javier Rodriguez/D 327,000

Ken Russell/D 325,000

Bruno Barreiro/R 213,000

GA 6: Karen Handel/R $573,000

Bobby Kaple/D 232,000

Kevin Abel/D 154,000

GA 7: Rob Woodall/R* $406,000

Kim David/D 223,000

Ethan Pham/D 166,000

Carolyn Bourdeaux/D 138,000

GA 8: Barry Loudermilk/R* $280,000

William Llop/R 232,000

KY 6: Andy Barr/R* $1,611,000

Amy McGrath/D 656,000

James Gray/D 324,000

LA 3: Clay Higgins/R* $51,000

Joshua Guillory/R 47,000

NC 2: George Holding/R* $388,000

Ken Romley/D 304,000

Sam Searcy/D 85,000

NC 3: Charles Jones/R* $100,000

Scott Dacey/R 224,000

NC 9: Robert Pittenger/R* $313,000

Mark Harris/R 222,000

Daniel McCready/D 931,000

NC 13: Theodore Budd/R* $300,000

Kathy Manning/D 522,000


Kevin Hern/R 376,000

Andy Coleman/R 75,000

Tim Harris/R 68,000

Nathan Dahm/R 41,000

OK 2: Markwayne Mullin/R* $434,000

John McCarthy/R 104,000

Jarrin Jackson/R 51,000

OK 5: Steve Russell/R* $253,000

Kendra Horn/D 75,000

Tom Guild/D 33,000

SC 1: Mark Sandford/R* $1,573,000

Katie Arrington/R 206,000

Joe Cunningham/R 98,000

SC 5: Ralph Norman/R* 101,000

Archie Parnell/R 236,000


Jimmy Matlock/R $220,000

Tim Burchett/R 207,000

Jason Emert/R 116,000


John Rose/R $694,000

Judd Matheny/R 35,000


Mark Green/R $581,000

Justin Kanew/D 105,000

Matt Reel/D 33,000

VA 5: Tom Garrett/R* $108,000

Roger Dean Huffstetler/D 474,000

Leslie Cockburn/D 383,000

Ben Cullop/D 126,000

Andrew Sneathern/D 122,000


Ben Cline/R $78,000

Cynthia Dunbar/R 54,000

VA 7: David Brat/R* $470,000

Daniel Ward/D 415,000

Abigail Spanberger/D 289,000

VA 10: Barbara Comstock/R* $1,195,000

Alison Friedman/D 687,000

Julien Modica/D 548,000

Daniel Helmer/D 483,000

Jennifer Wexton/D 474,000

Lindsey Stover/D 414,000

Paul Pelletier/D 184,000

Deep Sran/D 93,000

Julia Biggins/D 54,000