Around the South for Feb. 16: FL, VA & TX

Florida: Scott won’t rule out new gun laws. When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Gov. Rick Scott (R) if he was ready to enact new restrictions on guns, Scott replied that “everything is on the table.” Later he added, “We cannot let this pass without making something happen … it’s my goal that this will never happen again in my state.” …… Virginia: Kaine tweets on DACA. “Our bipartisan plan to protect Dreamers from deportation got *15* more votes than the Trump plan,” US Sen. Tim Kaine (D) tweeted. He called Trump’s plan a “cruel and restrictive plan – and it failed. Bigly.” ……. Texas: Johnson gives POW mementos to Smithsonian. US Rep. Sam Johnson (R), 87, donated a tin cup and a toothpaste tube to the National Museum of American history. Johnson was a combat pilot in Korea and Vietnam and spent some seven years in the “Hanoi Hilton,” 42 months in solitary confinement. He said he used the two items to communicate with fellow prisoners, reports the Dallas Morning News …….