Texas: Campaigns for the US House are hot and heavy

Texas: Campaigns for the US House are hot and heavy

By Hastings Wyman –

The Lone Star State will hold its primaries on March 6, the first primaries in the nation in the current election cycle. Runoffs will be held on May 22 in those contests in which no candidate receives a majority of the votes.

The 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th are all districts where a Republican incumbent is retiring. In these districts, the winner of the GOP primary is expected to prevail in November, so the Republican primaries are very competitive.

In the 7th, where US Rep. John Culberson (R) is a major Democratic target, the big battle is between the top two well-funded contenders (D), Alex Triantaphyis and Eliabeth Fletcher. But two other Democrats have raised significant cash and can’t be counted out. A runoff is a probability.

In the 18th District, where US Rep. Lamar Smith (R) is retiring, ten candidates have filed, seven Republicans and three Democrats. One insider calls it “chaos, impossible to predict.” On the GOP side, Bill Negley has raised the most money, but Chip Roy is a former chief of staff for Ted Cruz, who has campaigned with Roy. The San Antonio Express-News has endorsed Jenifer Sarver. Democrat Joe Kopser has raised more money than any Republican and is a safe bet to win his primary. Look for a major battle here in November.

In the 23rd, where Democrats hope to topple incumbent William Hurd (R), there is a competitive primary (D) between two candidates. This district will also host a heated contest in the fall.

In the 27th District, incumbent Blake Farenthold (R) is retiring under a sexual harassment cloud. Bech Bruun (R) is close to the GOP establishment in the district and a heavy favorite in the primary.

In the 29th, a Democratic district where US Rep. Gene Green (D) is retiring, the top fundraiser is Tahir Javed, but state Sen. Sylvia Garcia has strong organizational support.

And in the 32nd District, incumbent Pete Sessions (R) is way ahead in building a war chest, but Democrats are hot on his trail. The top Democratic fundraiser is Edward Meier. Says an insider, this district “could go Democratic with a blue wave.”

District/candidates Cash on hand

TX 2: Open

Kathaleen Wall/R $2,310,000

Kevin Roberts/R 445,000

Rick Walker/R 254,000

Jonathan Havens/R 95,000

David Balat/R 83,000

Daniel Crenshaw/R 74,000

Todd Catlett/D 235,000

TX 3: Open

Van Taylor/R $901,000

David Niederkorn/R 45,000

Adam Bell/D 180,000

Lorie Burch/D 23,000

TX 5: Open

Bunni PoundsR $197,000

Lance Gooden/R 86,000

Jason Wright/R 94,000

Kenneth Sheets/R 82,000

TX 6: Open

Jake Ellzey/R $66,000

Shannon Dubberly/R 39,000

Ron Wright/R 22,000

Jana Lynne Sanchez/D 43,000

Ruby Faye Woolridge/D 34,000

TX 7: John Culberson/R* $596,000

Alex Triantaphyllis/D 634,000

Elizabeth Fletcher/D 437,000

Laura Moser/D 329,000

Jason Westin/D 250,000

TX 16: Open

Dori Fenenbock/D $451,000

Veronica Escobar/D 402,000

TX 21: Open

Bill Negley/R $218,000

Chip Roy/R 195,000

Brian Matthew McCall/R 105,000

Jason Isaac/R 104,000

Jenifer Sarver/R 84,000

Bob Stovall/R 44,000

Joe Kopser/D 337,000

Elliott McFadden/D 31,000

TX 23: William Hurd/R* $1,100,000

Jay Hulings/D 281,000

Gina Ortiz Jones/D 169,000

TX 26: Michael Burgess/R* $756,000

Veronica Birkenstock/R 12,000

TX 27: Open

Bech Bruun/R 119,000

Michael Cloud/R 33,000

TX 29: Open

Tahir Javed/D $553,000

Sylvia Garcia/D 210,000

TX 31: John Carter/R* $404,000

Kent Lester/D 148,000

Mary Jennings “MJ” Hegar/D 81,000

TX 32: Pete Sessions/R* $1,298,000

Edward Meier/D 500,000

Lillian Salerno/D 157,000

Colin Allred/D 128,000