Around the South for Mar. 14: AR, KY & NC


Arkansas: Cotton backs Haspel. US Sen. Tom Cotton (R), a reliable hawk in the US Senate, is confident that CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel will be able to answer any questions about her role running a facility that included “enhanced interrogation techniques,” reports the Washington Times. “I think the universal respect she commands within the CIA and the broader intelligence community,” including some Obama-era officials, will show the CIA is in good hands, said Cotton ……. Kentucky: Paul, Massie support state marijuana laws. “I support legislation currently in effect that prohibits the DOJ from spending any money to interfere with state medical cannabis laws,” Paul said in a statement. US Rep. Thomas Massie (R), in a letter to state Sen. Albert Robinson (R-KY), said he supports bills “that would prevent the federal prosecution of any person who acts in compliance with state laws relating to cannabis for medical or other purposes,” reports ……. North Carolina: Tillis backs National Park spending. US. Sen. Thom Tillis (R) is co-sponsoring a bill to help pay more than $11 billion to cover maintenance backlogs at national parks. “America is blessed with stunning landscapes that attract visitors from all over the world and add substantial economic and cultural values in regions like Western North Carolina,” Tillis said, reported WLOS …….