Around the South for Mar. 26: AL, GA & VA

Alabama: Moore accuser’s lawyer offered bribe. In a frontpage story, the Washington Post reported that Eddie Sexton, the attorney for one of the women who accused Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual impropriety, was offered $10,000 by two Moore supporters. In exchange, they wanted him to withdraw from the case and say he didn’t believe her ……. Georgia: Miller dies at 86. Zell Miller, the only person to give the keynote addresses to a Democratic and a Republican convention, died last week. Miller was best known in the Peach State for establishing HOPE scholarships during his time as governor. The program was funded by proceeds from a state lottery, which sent thousands of young people to college free of charge. He also served four years in the US Senate ……. Virginia: Constituent threatens Taylor. Wallace Godwin, 69, of Virginia Beach, faces up to 10 years in prison after he told US Rep. Scott Taylor (R) and staff members, “I am going to get my shotgun and do something about this.” Taylor supports marijuana decriminalization and Godwin does not. “I call on everyone, and I mean everyone, to please calm down,” Taylor said in a statement reported in the Washington Post; “We are all Americans. There is so much that unites us.” …….