Around the South for May 14: OK, TN & VA

Oklahoma: Liability nixed for church gun accidents. Gov. Mary Fallin (R) signed a bill that extends to churches the law that currently absolves persons from liability if they accidentally injure others while engaged in self-defense. Previously the law only applied to homes and businesses. “This is necessary to protect the place of worship from basically being sued out of existence,” said the bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Greg Babinec (R) ……. Tennessee: Black makes two big proposals. US Rep.Diane Black (R), a candidate for governor, last week announced that she favors repurposing the Memphis Regional Megasie from its current industrial focus to an agricultural hub, which would do away with a need for contructing a 35-mile pipeline, reports The Tennessee Journal. The other is a major infrastructure project in Nashville that would build a second level atop the interstates crossing the city ……. Virginia: Whigs nominate candidate. The Whig Party, which describes itself as a centrist, nonpartisan group, has endorsed former Democrat Helen Alli in the 7th District congressional election, reports Alli is an Army veteran and a small business owner. The incumbent is US Rep. Dave Brat (R). Abigail Spanberger and Dan Ward are competing in the June 12 primary for the Democratic congressional nomination …….