Around the South for May 16: FL, AL & VA


Florida: Scott out-raising, out-spending Nelson. Gov. Rick Scott (R), who is challenging US Sen. Bill Nelson (D), raised some $3.2 million in the weeks since he announced his candidacy, the same amount Nelson raised in the three months of the 1st Quarter. And so far, Scott and allied groups have spent $8.8 million on his campaign, dwarfing the $185,000 spent for Nelson. The latest poll, by Florida Atlantic University, showed Scott ahead by four points ……. Alabama: Jones returning excess contribution from O’Donnell. Rosie O’Donnell contributed the maximum allowed by law, $2,700, to Senate candidate Doug Jones (D) last year, but she contributed in both the primary and General Election, not realizing that was not lawful. She has asked Jones and others to returning the extra $2,700, which Jones is doing ……. Virginia: Taylor presses GOP on net neutrality. At an informal meeting of younger Republican members of congress, US Rep. Scott Taylor, 38, argued that bad messaging led many young voters to believe that the Republican-controlled FCC was hurting the open internet by repealing the Obama-era net neutrality rule, reported The Hill. “That really wasn’t the case, but … we were not messaging in a way that ensured younger voters, hey, we’re actually helping things.” …….