Around the South for Jun. 25: SC, VA & OK

South Carolina: Arrington in hospital for two weeks. State Rep. Katie Arrington (R), who defeated US Rep. Mark Sanford (R) in the Republican Primary two weeks ago, will remain hospitalized for two weeks undergoing surgery following serious injuries she suffered in an automobile accident Friday night. Her car was hit by another car driving on the wrong side of the road; that driver did not survive. Arrington’s family and campaign aides say she is definitely staying in the race, reports the Post & Courier ……. Virginia: Stewart turns off many GOPers.  Mark Rozell, dean of the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University, penned an op/ed in yesterday’s Washington Post listing all the obstacles in the path of Corey Stewart, the Confederacy buff and Republican nominee challenging US Sen. Tim Kaine (D) this fall. Stewart’s chief problem is that so many long-time Republicans, including much of the old GOP establishment, are not supporting him. Rozell concluded, “But Kaine’s people should not be too confident. Sometimes, candidates widely believed to be too extreme to win a general election have a way of surprising everyone. Just ask Hillary Clinton.” ……. Oklahoma: Fallin praises high court ruling. Gov. Mary Fallin (R), who has had more than her share of budgetary problems, praised last week’s decision by the US Supreme Court that overturned an earlier ruling which held that states could not collect sales tax on online purchases unless the seller had a physical presence in the state. “The earlier ruling,” said Fallin said in a statement, “placed the responsibility of paying the online sales tax on customers who generally did not realize they owed it,” reported The McCarville Report …….