Around the South for August 20th: LA, TX, & NC

Louisiana: Mayoral candidate receives lynching threats.  Shreveport mayoral candidate Steven Jackson says he has received a lynching threat due to his stance on Confederate statues. Having voted to remove Confederate statues as a city councilman, Jackson was sent an image of him with a noose around his neck along with racial slurs.  Jackson says he will stay in the race, and not be scared.  Texas: Abbott hits Valdez over gun safety.  Texas governor Greg Abbott is attacking his opponent over her misplacement of her government issued weapon while she was Dallas County sheriff. Lupe Valdez, who resigned last December to run for governor, is being called a hypocrite by the governor for saying parents should be responsible for reckless storage of weapons that can lead to crimes when she cant even keep track of her own weapon.  North Carolina: Where’s the education money?  North Carolina Democrats are asking questions about where the money is to help fund the state’s education system. Republicans have cut teaching assistants from classrooms among other things, but the Democrats want to know where all the savings went. They also claim funds collected from the state’s lottery are not actually going towards education. This has led to claims that the state has some of the lowest teacher’s pay in the country, and lowest teacher to pupil spending also.