Around the South for August 27th: VA, MS, & TX

Virginia: Republicans back off Stewart.  Thomas Oh, a Republican candidate for congress in Virginia, has ordered his staff to keep his campaign literature far away from controversial US Senate candidate Corey Stewart. The move comes after an event where some of Oh’s signs were next to a few of Stewart’s signs. Several people at the event referred to Oh as a Nazi for apparently showing support for Stewart, although he has not endorsed the candidate.  Mississippi: Dem counties face infrastructure struggles.  10 of the 15 counties with the most bridge closures in Mississippi are majority black counties that tend to vote Democratic. On the other hand, 32 of the 41 counties with the least amount of bridge closures are majority white, and tend to vote Republican. African American state leaders say that predominately black areas of the state tend to be “shortchanged” when it comes to construction, infrastructure, and maintenance.  Texas: Cruz slams O’Rourke for Hollywood fundraising.   As U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz hammers his Democratic opponent for raising money in California, the incumbent has also accepted a good amount of money from California. Between January 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018, Beto O’Rourke accepted $1.4 million in donations from California, or about 10% of the $14 million in personal itemized contributions. During the same time, Cruz brought in $587,000 from California, or about 8% of his personal itemized contributions.