So Far Ga. Early Votes Not What Media Thought

So Far Ga. Early Votes Not What Media Thought

If there is a “blue wave” of Democrat voters forming in Georgia it has not been seen yet. Log on to the website and you can see the early statewide vote totals for last week which are also broken down by every county.

Republicans and Democrats who are voting in this mid-term election can be identified by the way they vote in party primaries, and so far more Republicans than Democrats have trooped to the polls to “bank” their votes.

It also looks like the overall black percentage of the early voting electorate so far— 30 percent—matches Georgia’s overall rate in 2008 and 2012 when Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama was on the ballot. He lost the state by 5 points the first time and 8 points the second time. Objective observers would have to agree that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams needs far more than 30 percent to win statewide.

There’s an older electorate early voting, too, judging by the 65 and older crowd. (Millennials aren’t exactly the early voting type— as we see from the statistics.)

Fulton County Republicans are early voting en masse; Johns Creek Ocee Library was in the lead for early voting—and Johns Creek faithfully votes Republican. (In 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump won the city.) Republican-heavy Hall County last week more than doubled its early voting from the 2014 election.

As for the Democrats, their reliable early voters really showed up in the metro Atlanta counties of DeKalb and Clayton. It will be interesting this week to see if Democrats – and specifically the Abrams campaign— can step up their early voter turnout operation.

Phil Kent is the CEO & Publisher of InsiderAdvantage Georgia & James magazine.