Around the South for March 14th: KY, TX, & VA

Kentucky: Teachers revolt against school-choice bill.  In response to Kentucky House Bill 205, teachers in several prominent public school districts including in Louisville and Lexington have held “sick-outs,” effectively cancelling school for the day.  The bill would allow parents to receive tax credits for their donations to  scholarship-granting organizations, which would then provide private school scholarships.  Advocates for public schools say the legislation is taking money out of local schools.  Gov. Matt Bevin has pledged to sign the bill into law.  Texas: Green calls for Trump impeachment.  U.S. Rep. Al Green (D-Houston) is going against his party’s wishes – and after Donald Trump.  Despite House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi telling her caucus not to, Green has said he will move forward with bringing an impeachment vote against the president to the House floor.  Green first brought impeachment to the House floor in 2017, where it was defeated by a 364-58 margin.  Virginia: Northam vetoes handgun bill.  Embattled Governor Ralph Northam issued his first veto of 2019 this week, rejecting a Republican proposal to expedite concealed handgun permits for out-of-state residents.  The bill narrowly passed both the House and Senate, so it is not expected to muster the 2/3 majority it would need to bypass the governor’s veto.